Couples & Marital Counseling


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Couples & Marital CounselingCouples and Partner Therapy

"Couple" refers to married and unmarried couples that are experiencing trouble in their relationship or are looking to enhance their understanding of and commitment to one another.

A couple will explore areas of concern with the therapist and will create a plan for treatment. Therapy continues for as long as the couple feels that they are benefiting from their work with the therapist. Areas that are commonly worked on include communication, financial conflict, family values, social stressors, intimacy issues, parenting issues, phase of life stressors, loss, fear, anxiety, anger, etc.


Premarital Therapy

Couples that are embarking on the journey of marriage may benefit from a deeper understanding of each other's needs. Premarital therapy enables a couple to talk about plans for employment, financial dreams, social needs, living arrangements, having children, employment and educational aspirations, child rearing expectations, domestic needs and expectations, etc.

Unfortunately, it is estimated that 50% of marriages end in divorce. Preparation for the stressors of marriage may help to protect the commitment made to one another and provide for a more fulfilling and deeper marital relationship.



Parenting issues include behavior management, setting rules and limits, handling defiance, understanding and accepting puberty and maturation, understanding social pressures, communicating with children, parenting on a united front, agreement on expectations of children, understanding each other's strengths and weaknesses, etc. Parents will meet with the therapist either together or alone, depending on the needs of the family. Parents may decide to bring their children or work with the therapist alone.




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